Why is service of GoodStream© needed?

Service of the “GoodStream©” is worked out specially for retail companies, that have to accept a lot of decisions (more than 100000) about the order of goods every day and simultaneously.

Today (especially at the market of countries the CIS) these decisions are given enforcedly to the employees. It takes place because often, only looking at a shelf in a shop, it is possible to do a correct order.

But it entails that a result of job performance with orders is not predicted.

It is difficult to find 50 and more persons who identically qualitatively would calculate an order, it is difficult to control, whether all commodities are booked, it is difficult to watch, what caused a shortage or surplus and most important is to influence systematically, that quickly during a few cycles of addition to get the improvement of situation.

So we developed an automated ordering system which allows to order without involving people and provided even better performance.