GoodStream© is the team of experts and partners who experience spreads out of the problems of a commodity stream management.

Among themes and questions, knowledge and competences, on that you and your colleagues can get are next:

  • Management of Company (how to go on from pyramid control system to the management by streams). Author’s course of Darius Radkiavichius.
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  • Instrumets of Strategic Thinking (how to build strategies by means of identification and decision of strategic dilemmas and conflicts of company)
  • Making of autoorder (what formula of management to choose; how to organize work of autoorder: functions, processes)
  • Managements indices (operation(daily) and current) by a commodity stream(how to measure a commodity stream; how to watch and analyze the sources of improvement).
  • Motivation system is synchronized all functions of organization on the improvements of service of customers
  • Marketing activity is in the chain of deliveries. What actions do bring benefit, and what do damage everyone? How to watch it?
  • Management of a chain of deliveries and distribution (how effectively to build and manage) system
  • Management of production (how to plan a production; how to provide a timeliness and completeness of orders performing and plans of production; how to shorten time of readjusts; how to synchronize production capacities)
  • Management of sale-negotiations-purchase in B2B sphere ( how to make «offer that can not be refused» for your suppliers and clients)
  • Management of projects (how to plan projects; how to manage projects to provide their realization in time and within the line of budget)