Stages of GoodStream© service realization

Outsourcing of management of a commodity stream

Stage 1. Connecting of service. GoodStream© conducts the start of the system (tunes IT and administrative processes)

Stage 2. Start of service. GoodStream© automatically every day on every commodity:

  • calculate necessity for an order;
  • offers/gives to the managers reports:
    • what commodities had to be delivered and did not be delivered;
    • what commodities were delivered and had not be delivered.

Stage 3. Provides a management and improvement. GoodStream© every week does give to the responsible persons and leaders an analysis:

  • what were improvements of goods availability, and reasons of shortages?
  • what were improvements of turnover of supplies, and reasons of surpluses?
  • what commodities, in what shops are selling not so as expected?
  • what suppliers violate the obligations on deliveries and how much it costs?
  • every week an analyst GoodStream© gives plan of actions for the achievement of improvements.

Stage 4. Transmission of competences. GoodStream© builds processes and provides work of your employees within the framework of processes:

  • centralization of deliveries and work of distributive center;
  • organization of commodity motion and account at the level of shops and storages;
  • management by a commodity stream at an income/outcome of commodities;
  • management of a commodity stream during realization of promotion and in festive periods;
  • managements by mutual relations with suppliers in part of logistic and reliability of deliveries.