Program complex GoodStream©

A program complex GoodStream© is an appendix-applique, that is integrated with your registration and administrative system (ERP), but not replaces it. Basic tasks that software GoodStream© decides is decision-making how many, what commodity and where it must be and providing of business - analytic on a management of a commodity stream to the user.

How does it work?

On the stage of connecting of service of GoodStream© tunes an exchange of all necessary data and analytics between your registration system and system GoodStream©. After it the system is ready to work.

For work of GoodStream© next basic data are needed:

  • handbooks of commodities, storages and suppliers;
  • orders diagrams;
  • data on activity of separate commodity in the separate point of sale or storage (matrix of activity of assortment);
  • data about carry-over, sales, arrivals and moving in every point of storage/sales;
  • data about ordering fulfillment.

These data every day, due to regulation, are imported from your registration system, GoodStream© processes its and generates the calculation of necessity, on the basis of what orders are generated in your registration system, and leave to the supplier.

What does do a programmed complex GoodStream©?

GoodStream© provides:

  • Control of exchange by data between a central database and programmed complex GoodStream©. If data were not got or got with errors - there is automatic notification of responsible persons.
  • Automatic operation of a commodity supply for large retail networks (now the system allows to operate 2 000 000 SKU per Location and it is not a limit). Thus, depending on time of stocking, frequency of consumption, expiration of commodity date and reliability of deliveries the system applies one or another rules of stocking automatically. Also, for cases, when the stocking is impossible: novelty, promo-long (more than 2х weeks) delivery date, - forecasts instruments are used.
  • Forming of necessities and calculation of values of order in accordance with a diagram, laying-out, minimum buffer, packing multiplicity and amount of minimum order.
  • Automatic operation of orders during actions and seasons.
  • Operation of the having a special purpose level of commodity supply for every good of central storage / of distributive center. The operativeron automatically takes into account next factors: necessity of network, state of level of fillingness of network (state of supply of every separate point), trend of sales of concrete commodity in networks, time of addition and reliability.
  • Calculation of analytical indexes of commodity stream:
    • Dynamics of the carry-over and sales to the level of groups, sub-groups, shops and SKU? (usually difficulty accessible in IT system of Client - it is necessary to form 2 reports and «link» data);
    • Dynamics of shortages(missed out sales) and reasons of their origin (GoodStream© know - how, it is impossible to get automatic determination of reasons without an algorithm);
    • Dynamics of surpluses and reasons of their origin;
    • Analysis of structure of sales, carry-over, shortages and surpluses through the structure of assortment (groups / of sub-group), and also through the signs of assortment on speed sales (fast, reg, slow, non) and earnings (sales and margin).
    • Analytic of assortment on speed sales and earnings is automatically calculated by the system GoodStream© both for the level of network on the whole (global signs) and for the level of concrete shop(local signs).
  • Generation of analytic reports (daily operating reports, weekly administrative and monthly strategic).
  • Visual reflection of analytical information.