GoodStream© - Automatic ordering of goods (AutoOrder)

An aim of company GoodStream© is an improvement of management of the flow of information and the goods flow (assortment) for the increase of financial-economic efficiency of company: level of sales and investment in a working capital, and also creates a competitive advantage on the base of processes of logistic and management of the Supply Chain.

Service of the “GoodStream©” is worked out specially for retail companies, that have to accept a lot of decisions (more than 100000) about the order of goods every day and simultaneously.

But also it be fitted for other players within Supply Chain.

For the rise of financial-economic efficiency the company “GoodStream©” provides:

  • Necessary analytical and administrative IТ decisions, that saves from unnecessary investments in the vehicle and programmatic providing, technical service and exploitation.

    • Improvement of information flow

      • Enhancement of IТ system data;
      • Improvement of centralization of IТ system data.
    • Improvement of the orders quality (introduction of automatic order – the programmed providing of “GoodStream©, built on the last works on methodology of DBM (of Dynamic Management of Buffer) on methodology of ТОС, LEAN and JIT.

      • Improvement of efficiency of calculation of ordering for every SKU in a every shop or on central or regional warehouses;
      • Improvement of efficiency of personnel of shop and central office (it is saved about 60% of working time of order processing).
  • Necessary consultations on IТ and management of goods flow, inventory and assortment, using POOGI analytic that was elaborated by “GoodStream©programmed providing. Construction of Win-Win decision on methodology SFS Retail – Distributor – Producer.

Service of GoodStream© is built taking into account understanding of all modern technologies and directions of development of IT decisions. We gives necessary on-line (clouds) instruments. It allows to the company to save investments in the vehicle and programmatic providing, technical service and exploitation. Thus we ensure the very high level of security of Your data and commercial information , that it is confirmed by our Clients. The rightness of data is a necessary factor in a management of goods flow, but it’s not sufficient for improvement of reliability of supplies. The improvement of reliability of deliveries we provide due to GoodStream© analytic and realization of SFS negotiations.